Notable Progress, Still a Long Way to Go…

After letting my leg heal for a week, I went back to riding 2 to 3 times a week. I’m definitely seeing some improvement.

Yesterday, I went a bit further on the Millennium Trail than I had gone before. I made it up the hill that had beaten me before, and found a very pleasant bit after crossing over I-270.

Today, I joined the Rockville Bike Advisory Committee’s Sunday Fun Ride. Very pleasant, though a bit hot. We rode to the top of a seven-level parking garage, and could see Sugarloaf Mountain from Rockville!

The stats: Yesterday, 5.5 miles. Today 6.5 miles (these are my longest rides so far without hurting myself). Lifetime biking miles: 64. Record maximum speed (achieved today): 25.7 mph (downhill, of course!).

Posted from Rockville, Maryland, United States.

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Curt Harpold is a computer industry technologist in the Washington, DC area. He is also well known as a SCUBA Diving Instructor, Magician, Folk Singer/Musician, Voice Actor, Narrator, and MC.

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